THRIVE Parent Coaching Program

10-weeks program for moms raising kids in multiracial families.

THRIVE Parent Coaching Program


The THRIVE Parenting Program is a 10-week program for moms raising kids in multiracial families. It is welcoming and inclusive and is designed specifically to address the needs and concerns of moms raising children in a multiracial family.

You will be ready to show up in exactly the way your child needs for you to guide them to embrace who they are and foster a positive self-identity. You will have the tools you need to resourcefully navigate, educate, and advocate within your family, school, community, and more.

You will experience self growth that will deepen the bond between you and your child and have you feeling more confident and prepared as a parent. You will become part of a supportive and encouraging community of like minded moms that root for each other and teach each other on this journey.

The program teaches the THRIVE framework uniquely designed by Rorri Geller-Mohamed, LCSW.

Here’s what you get:

  1. Welcome video: Explains how to use it and make the most of it (includes how to make time for a 10 week parenting program when you are already so busy)

  3. Weekly video lessons and exercises: Each week you will receive a video lesson with a worksheet. It will include a mix of reflection questions, discussion questions, and activity to practice our unique parenting approach. We will be using a responsive answer approach so you can submit your worksheet answers, ask questions, and receive feedback directly from Rorri.
3. Bi-weekly live group Q&A: Bring your questions and we will explore, strategize, and solve challenges that are coming up. All calls will be recorded and you can submit your questions before if you are unable to make the live call. (Thursdays at 1 pm EST)
4. Bi-weekly parent-friendly book club: Article will be provided to read (with audio option) and discussion will take place in the facebook group.
5. Video Interview(s): Hear advice, insight, and experiences from adults who grew up in a multiracial family.
6. Private Facebook group: Participate in a non-judgemental community of like minded moms that provides support, encouragement, and shares resources.






Payment plan: 4 payments of $450

Contact Me

If you have any questions reach out to Rorri Geller-Mohamed, LCSW