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 The Multicultural and Interfaith Couples Guide 

To Love, Life, and Kids

Do you love your partner but feel…

  • Frustrated with them not being on the same page as you?You both see things differently and haven’t been able to agree or compromise.
  • Stressed by expectations, pressure,  and judgement of in-laws, parents and family?
  • Stuck and confused trying to figure out how you will raise children with your different cultures, faiths, and backgrounds?  
  • Exhausted trying to figure out how to compromise, communicate more, and resolve conflicts?
  • Annoyed that you are putting in more effort than your partner to try to work out challenges?
  • Alone and unsure of how to move forward because you don’t know anyone that has been in your shoes or where to go to get advice?


Get you on the same page with your partner

It doesn’t matter if you have different communication styles, if one person avoids conversations, or doesn’t think it’s a big deal. You will learn strategies and techniques that work to get you having conversation, prioritizing issues, and getting on the same page. 

Work together, have solutions, and overcome the challenges with in-laws, raising children, family and other issues. You will learn new ways approach these situations, talk to each other about it, and how to apply it now and to future issues as they come up.

Get you unstuck

Help you Problem Solve Together

Resolve challenges together in a way that is mutually beneficial, works for both of you, and is long lasting. You will have tools you need to be able to face conflict head-on in a productive and supportive way that leads you to a mutually beneficial resolution.  

Grow closer to your partner. You will build a deeper connection and understanding.   

Grow closer 

Are you ready to?

Connect with other couples

Be part of a community. Connect with other interfaith and multicultural couples that are facing unique situations and circumstances just like you. Have an additional built in support system.  


An Online Program For Multicultural and Interfaith Couples Ready To Build A Happy and Strong Relationship and Family

Mix, Match, and Blend will guide you from being stuck on issues in your relationship to moving forward and easily finding solutions.  You and your partner will have access to the strategies, techniques, actionable steps, guidance, and community you need to problem solve, communicate better, reduce relationship stress, and make you both feel happier in your relationship.  

Meet Rorri

Welcome! My name is Rorri Geller-Mohamed and I am a Relationship Coach, Family Therapist, and Founder of U Power Change.  My experience growing up in a multicultural family, being in an interfaith marriage (Jewish-Muslim), and raising a multicultural and multi-faith child is why I am dedicated to helping and supporting multicultural and interfaith couples and families.  I know first hand the unique challenges interfaith and multicultural relationships face. I created Mix, Match, and Blend so we can have a comprehensive toolkit to give us the solutions and community we desire.  (Rorri@upowerchange.com)

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