Finding your power during scary and uncertain times

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September 27, 2020

Imagine if you looked into a crystal ball and could see a future where we live in an equitable, diverse, and inclusive society. A place where people feel safe and free to be their authentic self.  A society where Black Lives truly Matter.  A society where kids are taught from a young age about how to grow and live in a society where economic, social, and even environmental justice reigns.  It likely would provide a sense of relief, comfort, and break from the whirlwind of exhausting emotions that many people are experiencing now. 

In the face of uncertainty and fear, we need to dig deep and hold on to the hope of a better world.  

It means that we have to believe that each one of us can make a difference in creating social change.

It means that we have to believe that we are an unstoppable force when we come together as a collective.

We are the change that we have been waiting for. 

We don’t need a crystal ball, we need to honor and believe that we won’t stop until our kids can live in the society they deserve.

 Here are a few ways U Power Change can help you take action:

1.  Join our Make It Happen Challenge which starts Monday Oct. 5th.  Each day we’ll walk through a daily action that you can take to be part of creating social change in your community.  As a mom, I know our time and energy can be limited, so I designed this specifically to be parent friendly.

2. Do you sometimes feel stuck or avoid conversations with family, friends, your child’s teacher, your job or other people in your community around anti-racism, equity, diversity, and inclusion?  I’m developing a toolkit on communication strategies to help you navigate these conversations in a way that’s productive and effective in working for social change and not leave you feeling frustrated, angry, or defeated.  Sign up here and be the first to know when it’s available to purchase.

3.  Are you ready to truly align your parenting and life with your social justice values? Would you love to have individualized support for your unique needs, family situation, and personal experiences?  Schedule an enrollment call to see if our new social justice coaching program for moms is right for you:  Love & Liberation 


To claiming our power.

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