DEI-LABB Leadership Development Coaching for Allies
(DEI-LABB: Diversity, Equity, Inclusion – Liberation, Anti-racism, Belonging, Being/well-being)

One size fits all training does NOT work for DEI. 

Learn how to use insights from the field of psychology and sociology to apply an identity aligned and leadership development approach to advance DEI (diversity, equity, inclusion) and anti-racism work in your organization and company.

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You are invited to the DEI-LABB Leadership Development Coaching for Allies with:
Rorri Geller-Mohamed, LCSW
Executive DEI Coach

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Additional customization available if interested.

(Group/team rates available: Inquire for our organizational and group packages.  We have special pricing for teams, committees, and departments and offer reduced rates for non-profit organizations.)

What you Get by Enrolling

DEI-LABB Leadership Development Coaching for Allies is designed to show you:

Overcome Challenges

How to use insight from the fields of psychology and sociology to overcome workplace DEI challenges related to race and culture

Racial Identity

Why leaders need to understand how racial identity and specifically white racial identity can impact DEI work

Practical Application

How to practically apply your DEI knowledge in your everyday work, role, and in your company or organization


How to overcome common barriers that get in the way of engaging stakeholders at all levels including executive leadership, managers, and employees


What you can do to best support a DEI committee and/or DEI initiatives

Best Practices

How to use best practices to lead and participate in individual and group conversations related to DEI

Become an Expert

This is your opportunity to become a DEI Leader in your organization and build towards a better tomorrow for you and your organization.

In DEI-LABB Leadership Development Coaching for Allies you will:

Strenghten Awareness

Strengthen and develop your DEI-LABB (DEI-LABB: diversity, equity, inclusion – liberation, anti-racism, belonging, being/well-being) awareness and lens so you don’t worry about saying the wrong thing or missing something problematic.

Be Prepared

Build your ally toolbox of DEI skills, strategies, and techniques in the areas of communication, interpersonal relationships, leadership, advocacy, and more so you are prepared and confident to engage in conversations, initiatives, and planning.


Make An Impact

Learn “go to” DEI best practices and how you as an ally can make the biggest impact.

Increase Emotional IQ

Expand your DEI emotional intelligence and resilience to be better prepared to address frustration, resistance, leadership challenges, and other barriers that often prevent DEI progress in companies and organizations.

Gain Knowledge

Be knowledgable and confident in how you can better integrate DEI into your everyday role, move initiatives forward at your organization, and make a bigger impact.

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