Envision the world you want for your children

Written by Rorri Geller-Mohamed, LCSW

August 16, 2019

What’s your vision for the world you want your children to grow up in? Chances are it’s very different than the world we are living in now. It’s likely very different than our reality that it’s hard to even allow ourselves to what the possibilities could even be.

Imagine what it would mean for your multiracial family to live in a nonviolent world that is equitable and inclusive. A place where racial, cultural, ethnic, religious, etc. differences are celebrated. A world where multiracial families are commonplace and all different types of families are the norm. A place where there is less anxiety, depression, and trauma.


  • How can we bring the vision we hope for closer to the reality that we live?
  • What steps can we take in our everyday life for this to happen?
  • As parents, what power do we have to help create these changes?

As parents, we are often so busy that we don’t have time to really stop and look at the big picture. It’s hard for us to take a step back out of the everyday shuffle and grind with the kids, work, our partners, co-parenting, and family to really think about what changes we want to see take place and what changes our kids really need to be able to thrive.

When parents lead, kids thrive. Parents have the power to take action to build the community that our kids need to grow up in. So how do you do that when life seems so busy. You start by taking small steps forward.

3 easy steps to help get you started to create change in your community:

1. Take a step back and allow yourself to dream of a better world. Think about would that could look like. Think about what would need to be different. Think about what that would be like in your community, school, workplace, neighborhood, etc.

2. Pick one aspect of that dream that you really feel passionate about. Use these questions to help you decide which issue is a priority for you: Which of those issues has been the most frustrating to you lately? Which of these issues that affect your family do you feel most drawn to wanting to be different?

3. Take one small action step forward.

  • Think about one person you could talk to about it.
  • Research and connect with one organization that is already working on the issue.
  • Bring the issue up at a PTA meeting.
    Post in a local mom’s FB group to see who else might be interested in working on the issue.
  • Donate money to an organization that is working on it.
  • Find out which local candidates running for office support that issues and support them.

Our kids need us to be part of creating change in the world.  Use your vision of what you want for your child to lead you. Come back to that vision when you get frustrated with what’s happening and don’t give up.  As parents we are in this together and it is our responsibility to build a better world for our kids. 

To small steps forward.

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