2020 has been a lot.  It’s been one thing right after the other.  We barely have time to process and make sense of what is going on before the next thing is thrown our way.  Most recently, it’s the passing of Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez really got to the core of the issue and why this is hitting us so hard: 

“We have nine unelected Supreme Court justices, and they have lifetime terms, and the majority leader, any given majority leader in the Senate, can manipulate rules and leverage their position of power to deny even a president the ability to appoint a justice,” she said. “I think one of the things that it prompts a lot of people to do is actually question how democratic many of our institutions are.”– AOC, NY Times
What I love about how she framed this is that it reminds us to take a step back and focus on how we challenge injustice and what we are challenging.  She reminds us that it may feel like the fight is for the next supreme court justice when really we should be fighting about how to make the Supreme Court and our government more democratic and aligned with liberation.  She reminds us that we can dream big and imagine a different world where a complete overhaul exists.

Just because it’s been done a certain way for a long time doesn’t mean we can’t dream big and push for big changes.

Looking for a way to overcome that feeling of doom and gloom that 2020 seems to have brought in?

Engage in activism as a coping mechanism.  Channel your energy to push for change.  There are many ways to do this and not necessarily in the traditional way you think of activism.  You can align the way you participate in activism with your strengths as well as with your responsibilities of parenting.

Here’s a step you can take to make that happen:

Join our activism challenge: Make It Happen

 This challenge is specifically designed for moms who want to see change but feel overwhelmed or struggle to find the time and/or energy to follow through.   As a mom, I know we all have a lot going on with life and kids and despite our desire to see change, sometimes life can get in the way of us taking action.  Participating in this challenge is how you are going to make this happen anyway. It is parent friendly and designed to have you feel supported, excited, and inspired.

We’re going to do this together.

To coping through activism.


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