Bye 2019…What’s coming in 2020?

Written by Rorri Geller-Mohamed, LCSW

January 3, 2020

(New podcast, new community, new program)

Happy New Year!

As we begin in 2020, I want to thank you for being part of the U Power Change community. 2019 was a big transition year for us as we launched new programs, grew our facebook community, shared our message through speaking opportunities, and offered online therapy with a focus on multiracial families.

Here are some of the ways we showed up in 2019:

  • Our Multiracial Parenting Network Facebook Community grew to 747 people. This space was created so that parents in multiracial families could connect, get support, ask questions, and show up in the way their kids need.
  • Published 26 blog articles on a variety of topics related to multiracial parenting, anti-racism parenting, mental health, diversity, and inclusion.
  • Presented 3 workshops for mental health professionals on methods and strategies for working with multi-identity (multicultural, multifaith, and multiracial) families including the NASW (National Association of Social Workers) Florida State Conference.
  • Launched our THRIVE Parenting Program (for parents raising children in a multiracial family) and our Anti-Racism Parenting Pilot Program
  • Created the 9 Ways To Respond To Intrusive Questions About Your Multiracial Family Guide
  • Spoke as a panelist for the West Palm Beach Mayor’s Office Teen Advisory Council town hall even on youth mental health
  • Secured a contract with the West Palm Beach Mayor’s Office to support their work on relationship building for staff
  • Provided 2 pieces of training for a Jewish organization on meeting the needs of interfaith and multi-identity families
  • Guest on 2 podcasts about multiracial families: Multiracial Family Man and the Motherhood Material Podcast
  • Shared about being a therapist for career day to preschool students
  • Hired a Racial Equity and Liberation Consultant (the amazing Kendall Glover) who is also the Racial Equity and Liberation Guide in our Anti-Racism Parenting Program.

When I first built U Power Change a few years ago, I really wasn’t clear on the path that it would take. I knew that I wanted to use my experience and expertise as a social worker and therapist and commitment to anti-racism work to have more of an impact. I had worked in a family shelter, family and community centers, high schools, mental health programs, and other non-profit organizations. In all of these positions, I had the honor of helping people through different challenges and supporting people in their most vulnerable moments as well as doing some advocacy work. So much of the pain and trauma that I witnessed from my clients and their families, who were mostly Latinx and/or Black, was caused either directly or indirectly by systemic racism. This made me continually examine my own whiteness, white privilege/advantage, and search for where my place was in this work. I made the decision to branch off from these institutions with the hope of making more of an impact. This is how U Power Change was born.

I am excited about what this new year and decade will bring and the role that U Power Change can take in creating a better future for our kids.

As we move into 2020 here are some of our exciting plans that we hope you will join us for:

  • We will be starting a podcast entitled “Racially Responsible.” Our mission for the podcast is to help and model for white parents how to be actively anti-racist and build a racially equitable world. We will be including interviews, answering listener questions, spotlighting BIPOC organizations, businesses, and individuals to support and follow,, etc.
  • We are also starting a new Facebook Community: Racially Responsible Podcast Community, where we can continue the conversations that are started on the podcast as well as start new ones. This will be a space where you can ask questions, share ideas and resources, and connect with other people that are also learning, showing up, and doing anti-racism and racial equity work.
  • We are opening up registration for our Anti-Racism Parenting Affinity Program that is facilitated by myself and Kendall (Racial Equity and Liberation Guide). Because of the busyness of the holiday season, we extended our early registration discount through Jan. 16th. If you have committed to doing more in 2020 related to anti-racism work, talking to your kids about issues of race and racism, and bringing up these issues with your child’s school, your family, and/or your community, you don’t want to miss the skills, techniques, personal development, support, and opportunity to connect with like minded parents that this program offers.
  • We are dedicated to not only doing this work but also modeling it by example. We are planning to create an advisory board to help guide the direction of U Power Change to ensure that it is in line with it’s anti-racism, racial equity, and liberation values.
  • We will be attending the Facing Race Conference and are hoping to also have an opportunity to present.

If there is something that you would like to see from us or a way that we can support you or your family more, please reach out to

We are always looking for ways to better serve our community.

To an amazing and fearless 2020

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