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Rorri Geller-Mohamed LCSW

Meet Rorri Geller-Mohamed, LCSW


Rorri Geller-Mohamed, LCSW is the founder of U Power Change, a DEI-LABB coaching and consulting organization with a focus on issues of race and culture.  She is the host of the Racially Responsible Podcast and has been featured in various media platforms including, The Well of PBC magazine and the film “All Of Us/Nous Tous.”  

She has provided coaching and consultation to leaders in Fortune 500 companies and in the non-profit space.  She has presented and facilitated workshops on these topics nationally for non-profit, corporate, technology, and educational institutions for the past 15 years.  

Rorri’s training and experience as a social worker and licensed therapist gives her an edge into human behavior, interpersonal dynamics, use of a trauma informed lens, and ability to connect with others and build bridges across differences.  She graduated with her masters degree from Columbia University in 2005 and received further clinical training from NYU and the Ackerman Institute for the Family.    

On a personal note, she credits her initial passion and commitment to anti-racism/DEI/liberation work to being raised in a multiracial family.  She gained an early awareness of racial disparities from her experience of growing up white with a sibling of color in the suburbs of NYC.  She also recognizes the way her identity and experience of being Jewish married to a Muslim man of color and a mom of 2 young children that are multiracial, multifaith, and multicultural have impacted the way she shows up in this work.



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