9 Ways To Respond To Intrusive Questions About Your Multiracial Family

A Multiracial Parenting Guide 


I created this guide to help you as a parent raising a child in a multiracial family to feel more prepared to respond when a stranger asks a question or makes a comment about your multiracial family. Typically this happens when we are in the middle of doing something. We are often caught off guard and feel at a loss for a response.

As a therapist and fellow parent, I want you to feel that you can take control of the conversation and model your response for your child. Too often we leave the situation wondering how else we could have responded and feeling angry and upset that we just had that experience. This guide will show you what you can do and how to respond.

You are out with your kids shopping, eating a restaurant with your family, or walking down the street and a stranger approaches you with an extremely intrusive, ridiculous, and/or even racist question or comment such as:


  • What are your kids mixed with?
  • Are those your real kids?
  • What’s their father?
  • Are they real siblings?
  • Are they adopted?