Are you wondering how you are going to get through this both physically and emotionally?

We are dealing with some unprecedented and challenging times. As parents, we are scrambling to figure out how to keep our families safe, help our kids learn from home, work from home with our kids there, and manage our own emotions that are coming up while helping to ease our children’s worries.

It’s a lot.  Be easy on yourself.  

You are not alone.  We are going to get through this together.  Take a breath and remind yourself that you are strong and resilient. 

Check out these tips from our guide: 23 Emotional Support Tips To Help Parents and Their Kids During This Pandemic

1. It’s ok to be sad, angry, and to cry. Give yourself space to feel your emotions. It’s ok to not be entirely ok. Let yourself breakdown at times and remind yourself that you are still going to get through this.

2. Shift your expectations. Things are different. Don’t hold yourself to the same expectations of what needs to get done and when. If you used to get work done while the kids were at school and now you can only do it during naptime and after bedtime then that’s what is. If you used to be strict about screen time for your kids and now you have to work with them home, flex that expectation. Take the pressure off yourself by not expecting things to happen and get done in the same way.

3. Find new ways to create joy. This whole thing sucks but it doesn’t mean we can’t be creative and think out of the box. Look for other ways to be or do things that can make you and your family happy. Have a little picnic in the backyard, build a blanket tent with your kids, create a collage together, do online yoga or Zumba, dance around the house with the kids, write a book with the kids, pick a new hobby to learn from home.

4. Allow yourself and others in your life the compassion to adjust to a new and evolving normal. Be easy on yourself and others. This is hard for our kids too. Think of ways to support them emotionally. Remember just like us they are struggling too except that it often manifests in their behavior since they often don’t have the language skills to express their feelings or emotional awareness level that we do as adults.

5. Practice gratitude. For those of you who are having to shift around a lot of things and find yourself either frustrated, breaking down, or just feeling like this is really hard try this easy exercise to help switch your mindset around: Take some time to really think about all of the things that you are grateful for. Spend some time focusing on gratitude. You may even want to make a list of everything that you feel grateful for and keep it with you to read for when you are having a hard time.

Click here for the full guide and the other 18 tips.

U Power Change has always prioritized supporting parents and strengthening families.  When parents have the resources, knowledge, and emotional support they need, children thrive.  It’s that simple. Of course, we are living through some crazy times and so nothing really feels simple but we are committed to supporting parents during this time.  

Here are some of the ways we can help support you during this time:    

1. Join our FREE online check-in and support space for parents.  It’s an opportunity to focus on our resiliency and creativity to get us and our families to the other side of this.  If you need a space to just be around other parents that are trying to figure out life right now and just get through while supporting our kids, join us on Wednesday for our support space.  We’ll have time to chat, uplift each other, remind each other of our resilience, share self-care exercises, and learn strategies to support our kids. It’s a zoom meeting, there is no registration you just need to show up.

Join us online on Wednesdays at 1pm EST/12pmCST/11amMST/ 10am PST.

Here’s the link to connect to the group:

2.  Register for our Resilient Moms Support System.  Receive 4 weeks of support and strategies for you and the kids through text messaging, office hours for emotional support or strategies, live weekly family wellness activities, and daily tips.  

3. Schedule an individual emotional wellness session.  Sliding scale rates available.  Send an email to